AVmotional 01&02 DVD was launched!

28 live performances from AVmotional 01 and AVmotional 02

gathering over 50 romanian and international artists performing live

and more than 15 hours of live electronic music!


Photo gallery (Photos by Sharky & Stefan Tanasache)

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This DVD should be remembered as the first BIG THANK YOU to all

This DVD should be remembered as the first BIG THANK YOU to all the  participants and supporters (and believe me they are many!!!!). Well  corny as it sounds, AVmotional rhymes with emotional and it’s no mistake here. We are quite attached and emotional about a scene that has grown and flourished in the meantime under more auspicious skies. This message is directed toward them, the Romanian artists and  enthusiasts that we got most of our support from. 
AVmotional first saw itself as an event trying to avoid all sorts of  local biases and parochial feelings, but in the same time it strove to  promote those who were already performing for a small but involved  public. In the meantime, between the very first AVmotional the number  of festivals and events accommodating hi resolution images and sounds  has been on the rise, as well as the need ans search for such combined  acts. If we look at the numbers the conclusion is that the situation  has changed for the better with dedicated promoters willing to change  something.
There are many other things to be settled when talking about giving  musicians and visual artists/ VJs their due, as well as their fee, which is a sure way  to support their continuous effort and their ever growing body of  works, so as not to suffer under commercial strain or the whims of the  present mainstream taste. They should all get paid at their right  value, especially since/because of the fact that they do what they do  out of their own initiative and personal satisfaction. We think that  they should have more and more opportunities to play here and  elsewhere, having access at a common platform - this being the only way  to produce fresh and more daring oeuvres. Only this way the ones who  will appreciate them sincerely will have immediate live access to their  sounds and  images.             
A lot of the early AVmotional collaborations developed on the way and  positively pushed others to sustain every new form of audio-video  interaction. We were not the first, but maybe we were among the first  to recognize and advance the potential of all these audio-video  collaborations, Now the moment has come for us as well as you to have a  relaxed and detached look at what happened not so long ago. We have the  infinite pleasure to invite you all to the historical launch of the  AVmotional 1 & 2 DVD release!


Partners and Sponsors of AVmotional Platform Events 2004-2006

International Center for Contemporary Art
Toaca Studio
Transilvania Film Festival
Institutul Francez din Bucuresti
Centre Culturel Francais (Cluj-Napoca)
Austrian Cultural Forum
DC Communication
Yama Studios
Grup Feroviar Roman
Poligrafia Codex 
Idea Highway / Idea Gateway
Color Fix
Amsterdam, Grand Cafe/ Cafe&Terrace
Vita de Vie

Media Partners

RFI Romania
Activ FM
Zona Libera (Guerrilla)
24 Fun
Zile si Nopti
Time Out Bucharest
Clubbing Mag



Artists AVmotional 01&02: casa gontz / le big astaire adsr / mean_meam /gojira & kosak / tarus dyslex / nita mocanu / brazda-lui-novac / dilmana / electric brother / suzi aka hiena / fm zombiemaus / szilard / camil / szilard / yvat / alexe / dersidan / makunouchi bento / kavdanska/ tarus / belzebut / groaza.ro / electronvc / manga.ro / dreamrec / selfmademusic / skillyboy / john riley / mort-la-creier / oana felipov / malfatti / megatron / bogdan marcu & sergiu / electroclown / agnes lukacs / mlada fronta / ovekk _finn / dyslex / nita mocanu / audionesimtzire / cip. / krach / underconstruct / cote / methalic corpses vs groaza.ro / matze & mika