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Intermedia Body: artistic research meetings / Bucharest’16

Bucharest International Dance Film Festival launches the second edition of the festival with a series of artistic research meetings, a symposium that gathers artists from different fields, working in the multi-faceted realm of Intermedia Performing Arts. Austrian, Romanian and Bulgarian artists will present their projects & research, share working experience and take part in panel discussions.

At the border between body & media, in the field of performing arts, these practitioners meet to share and exchange ideas, experience and knowledge about the work process during the realization of their projects in the context of the contemporary art world. The event gives the possibility for innovative projects to be presented in a format of public talks/ presentations, followed by Q&A sessions.

The topics of discussions will be centered around the inter-media oneness in stage-based interaction, the human body as interface for interaction and tool for audio-visual expression, the role of the media as a “digital performer on stage”, the transformative experiences during the interdisciplinary work process, the trans-cultural body, AR and VR in theater performances and many more.

Participating artists: Antony Rayzhekov (AT/BG), Simona Deaconescu (RO), Gerhard Funk (AT), Mihaela Kavdanska (RO/BG), Cătălin Crețu (RO), Cinty Ionescu (RO), Raluca Nestor-Oancea (RO)

@ Universitatea Națională de Muzică (Sala Auditorium) – Str. Știrbei Vodă, nr. 33, corpul nou, etaj 4

Free entrance!

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The conference is co-organised by AVmotional Platform, curated by Mihaela Kavdanska and hosted by The National University of Music Bucharest – The Centre of electroacoustic Music and Multimedia. The participation of Austrian artists is supported by The Austrian Cultural Forum / The Austrian Embassy.


The conference series is in English.